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I’m writing a book, THE INVENTION OF GREEK MYTHOLOGY, about Greek myths and the past, present, and future of Greek Mythology. It’s ambitious. It’s a journey.

You can take it with me.

I’ve already gone a long way. I have a doctorate in Greek and Latin literature and have been writing about the ancient Greeks for going on three decades.

But I haven’t published that one big book yet—the one that all myth fans can read and be enlightened and energized about the power of stories, creativity, fandom. As Zeus might have said, the sky’s the limit.

So here’s your opportunity to follow me as I shepherd my manuscript from first drafts to publication. Along the way, I’ll be sharing about my research, my discoveries, and what you yourself have been telling me about your experience with Greek Mythology.

Plus, if you teach Greek Mythology in some context of your professional life, you can expect ideas and inspiration for your own curriculum.

This is a free newsletter, by the way. I expect to post about once a week. If I ever introduce a premium component (such as a promise for a signed hardcover edition!), you’ll be the first to know.

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I’ll even throw in my book about the Olympian divinities and personality, Zeus Is My Type! It’s like a “Which Greek God Are You” personality test but backed up with details about why a certain divinity fits with a certain personality type.

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